Mission Statement

To encourage the management and protection of ground water by creating partnerships for public awareness and utilization.

Who we are

The NSGWA originated as the Nova Scotia Well Drillers Association during the 1950s. It's since been expanded to include 5 divisions: well drillers, well diggers, pump installers, manufacturers and suppliers, and technical. We have a Board of Directors of 5 people, and a Secretary-Treasurer.

Goals and Objectives

  • To encourage partnerships and dialogue between various stakeholders in the ground water industry, including:
    • well drillers,
    • well diggers,
    • pump installers,
  • To promote education of the members and the public.
  • To provide a unified voice of the industry to all levels of government.
  • To promote active participation of industry in the development of:
    • water resources strategies,
    • guidelines,
    • regulations,
    • and other issues important to the ground water industry.


Mailing Address

Nova Scotia Ground Water Association,
PO Box 794
Pictou, NS B0K 1H0